Town of Spring Hope RFP- Downtown Development Opportunities

The Town of Spring Hope, North Carolina (The Town) invites proposals from qualified parties to restore and utilize one or both of two storefront properties in the Town’s Downtown District.  The focus of the development opportunity is the rehabilitation of said properties as retail, food and beverage, or for personal/professional services. Respondents may consider other potential development projects consistent with the Town’s Downtown Revitalization Report (a PDF of this report is attached) and Zoning.

The Town intends for new projects under this RFP to strengthen the local economy and tax base.  In addition, development projects should be aesthetically appealing and demonstrate a community benefit.

The Town’s Downtown Development Board (DDB), on behalf of the Town Commissioners will administer the RFP process. The DDB’s role is purely advisory, with the Town Board of Commissioners having final decision making authority.

PROPERTIES AVAILABLE for CONSIDERATION – Addresses: 119 & 121 S Ash Street

Both of these buildings are town owned and the condition of the buildings are fair (119) to poor (121). The Town contracted an assessment of both buildings in May of 2019 and copies of the reported findings are available for review at Town Hall, by appointment. But, in general there are issues pertaining to the building’s grade resulting in some mold and moisture issues, there are issues pertaining to the condition of both roofs and water stained ceilings, and there is significant water damage to the floor systems. The HVAC systems were operating at the time of inspection.

Overall the facades are generally good shape, but minor improvements would add to the streetscape character along S Ash Street to create more interest for people visiting the Downtown. Improvements to the white building may include adding an awning, similar to its neighbors and small architectural improvements like adding reliefs in the area above the shop for signs and/or architectural details that could highlight the history of the building which was originally built in 1910. The architectural details above the red striped awning of the tan brick building could be added as well, since it too was built in 1910.

Streetscape improvements would add to the character of the building and enhance the pedestrian experience. These could be small improvements like creating planter boxes just below the windows or adding some small planter/vases. By also removing the step up into the white building, the shop becomes accessible for everyone off the street, an improvement that will need to be done to meet ADA standards no matter who occupies the property.   

119 S Ash Street                                                121 S Ash Street


SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS – the following items are to be included in the submission packet to the Town. 

  1. Cover letter committing to the development program for either or both of the properties under consideration. The letter should be signed by a principal or authorized officer for the entity.
  2. Proposal Financial: Terms of purchase (e.g. price, earnest money, inspection period, etc.), Identify expected local government contribution (if any) or possibly the Town partnering with the entity in seeking grant funds. However the financial merits and soundness of the project(s) cannot be dependent upon the receipt of said grants.
  3. Development Team: Identification of lead developer, including name, address, e-mail, and telephone number, and description of prior experience with similar projects.
  4. Scope and scale of development program and capacity to perform and to deliver a substantially completed project within 12 months or according to an otherwise mutually agreed to schedule. Allowances for any unanticipated delays beyond the control of the developer will also be considered and allowed as merited and as determined by the town. Provide program/project intent and scope (conceptual), an estimated project schedule with key development and financial milestones, identify any special features or benefits to the community, intended uses, and prospective ownership/tenant relationships.

Note: While not initially required, the Town may request additional evidence of sufficient capacity to undertake a development of the proposed scope such as:  Assurances that will guarantee implementation and adherence to the program, bank references, timing of obtaining financial commitments, developer/development firm’s personal financial commitment to the project.
The Town will also establish a claw back provision in any Purchase and Sale Agreements reached establishing when and where the Town may take back a property in question for reason(s) of non-compliance with agreed to plans, non-performance, or timely performance by the entity, with the Town returning to the entity an amount equal to the original sale price less 15%.

  1. Disclosures: Disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest that could be relevant to this project in any manner, disclosure of whether the developer or any officer, director, or owner thereof has had judgments entered against him or her within the past 10 years for the breach of contracts for governmental or nongovernmental construction or development.


Proposals are due at 5:00 p.m. EDT on June 30, 2021. Proposals must be prepared in conformance with the guidelines described under “Submission Requirements.” Proposals should be submitted electronically in PDF format to titled “Development Proposal: Spring Hope, NC.” Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered.

All responses are subject to public disclosure under the North Carolina Public Records Law. We recognize that respondents must submit financial information that it may deem confidential and proprietary in order to comply with the requirements of this solicitation. To the extent permissible by law, We agree to keep confidential any confidential proprietary information included in a response, provided that (1) the respondent identifies the confidential proprietary portions of the response, (2) the respondent identifies as confidential and proprietary only those portions of the submittal that actually are confidential and proprietary, and (3) the respondent states why protection is necessary. Respondents shall not designate their entire response as confidential and proprietary, nor shall they so designate information that is already public.

Any information that the respondent would like to remain confidential should be emailed under separate cover to . The email subject must be “PROTECTED: Development Proposal: Spring Hope, NC.”

For information concerning the procedure for responding to this Solicitation or clarifications of the terms, conditions, and requirements of this RFP, please email Jae Jim, Town Manager, Town of Spring Hope, at .


Responses to this solicitation will be evaluated to select a developer with a qualified development plan that is viable, will best serve public interests, and will be executed in a reasonable timeline. The following selection criteria will be used to make that evaluation: project use/design plans and suitability; project feasibility (structural, timing, and financial); economic benefits to the Town, local businesses, and citizens; and development team qualifications and ability to perform. The Town may, in its sole discretion, choose to disregard any proposal/element that it deems to be inconsistent with or unsupportive of prior and current developments or the rehabilitation and revitalization of the downtown district. The Town, at its sole discretion, is also not obligated to accept any of the proposals for the sale of either of these properties.

After a review of submitted proposals, clarifications may be requested. Unless requested by the Town, no additional information may be submitted by developers after the submission deadline. The DDB and Town staff will make a final recommendation to Town Board, which will vote to select a development partner with which to begin exclusive negotiations of a Development Services Agreement.

The Town’s timeline for the developer selection are described as follows, including opportunities for interested respondents to tour the property and buildings and submit questions regarding the RFP. The Town reserves the right to extend or otherwise modify the following schedule. If and when such changes in the schedule occur, notice will then be provided:

Public Notice and RFP Available                                             April           30, 2021

“Schedule” Site Visit and Building Tours                                  May           19 and 20, 2021*

Questions regarding RFP                                                        May            31, 2021

Response to questions provided by Town                               June           18, 2021

RFP Closes                                                                             June            30, 2021

Town Selects Developer  on or about                                      August        2, 2021

Development Services Agreement
Executed on or about                                        September  1, 2021

*by appointment on the 19th and 20th or alternative dates
as may be merited. All site visits must be scheduled with the
Town Manager.