Nashville, NC. (June 10, 2020)

Nash County’s HWY 97 Industrial Site was selected to participate in the 2020 Duke Energy Site Readiness Program. The program intends to help identify, improve, and increase awareness of good potential industrial sites in the regions that Duke Energy serves. The program consists of three major components:

  • Initial assessment of industrial sites (existing or potential) by a top site-selection consultant. We may be using different consultants than in the past; all consultants will be familiar with our region and will evaluate the sites from the perspective of an industrial client or prospect.
  • A more detailed “buildable area” assessment and conceptual plan for the sites by expert land-use and site planners.
  • For sites that successfully complete either FULL or LITE Site Readiness assessments and are evaluated to have good industrial potential, Duke Energy will offer a $10,000 “matching grant” that can be used to help get the site more prepared.

Nash County Economic Development team hosted an in-depth site visit that included an assessment by Duke Energy business development staff and site consultants from Global Location Strategies. The team also featured key department heads and community partners, such as Nash Community College and Turning Point Workforce Development Board.

Site consultants from Global Location Strategies will return to Nash County to give a detailed report to the economic development team, elected officials, and area stakeholders on the marketability of the site. If selected as a “Duke Site Readiness” site, Nash County will receive $10,000 in matching grant funds to be applied to the site development costs.